EPA Consulting Company was established in January 2010 to provide advisory and consulting services primarily in the area of European Public Affairs. Competent consulting in the field of European Affairs complements a broad portfolio of professional services including relations with the European institutions and government relations in the Czech Republic, providing specialized consulting services to a narrowly defined area of expertise, providing insight and advice on the acquisition of the Structural Funds and other EU funds or media support of our clients’s interests.

What are we good at?

We are skilled professionals in European Public Affairs, Government Relations and Strategic Communication. Our advice is based on unique experience with state administration, diplomacy and media. We master and combine the instruments of the above-mentioned fields and we are able to operate on local, regional, national as well as European level.

We directly operate in the Czech Republic and in Brussels and through close cooperation with external experts and consulting companies in Belgium and other EU countries we provide extensive coverage and range of services in different areas.

In the field of European Public Affairs, we have wide experience in preparing clients to meet EU requirements, providing them with representation and promoting their interests with key European institutions. We use our position of a respected and trustworthy intermediary to help our clients build relations with the Czech state administration. We offer strategic know-how to find the best way of conveying the client’s message to relevant audiences while achieving a desired effect.

Principles we follow

We are members of the Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP), a non-profit forum based in Brussels aimed at setting standards of excellence and best practice in communications between European Institutions and European Affairs professionals. It seeks to enhance the quality of their dialogue and improve the efficient exchange of timely and accurate information essential for an effective European policy function. As SEAP members, we follow the Code of Conduct of the European Affairs professionals.

From the beginning of a project to the end of a contractual relation, we always aim for an individual approach based on mutual cooperation. From the very first contact, we take care to avoid any conflicts of interests for our clients.

At every stage of co-operation we adhere to a policy of absolute discretion concerning interests, strategy, internal matters, and other delicate information about our clients. We are well aware of the sensitivity of our activities with regards to the commitments of the Czech Republic to the EU. Based on the expertise gained both in the civil and foreign service, we always carefully consider our overall strategy as well as individual steps we take to represent our clients and further their interests.


EPA Consulting, s.r.o. is a dynamic company with a strong background in the Czech Republic and Brussels - the very center of all the action of the European Union. Our business is based on longtime experience and highly qualified expertise in the field of European Public Affairs and strategic communication.